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888 Premix Cocoa Powder - Hazelnut (135g)
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888 Premix Cocoa Powder (Hazelnut flavoured)
888 Premix Cocoa Powder (Hazelnut flavoured) is a must have for cocoa-based goodness! Our cocoa powder delivers the full flavour of the cocoa bean to enhance the authentic cocoa taste. Combined with indulgent, decadent taste of Hazelnut, this premix cocoa powder is just perfect to go with any cocoa-based recipe.

888 Premix Cocoa Powder’s specialty:
•    Recommended for confectionery, dairy and bakery products
•    Can be used for frozen dessert such as ice cream
•    Great for hot/cold instant cocoa drink
•    Aromatic and decadent Hazelnut flavour

Preparation (Hot):

  1. Mix 8g of cocoa powder into 180ml hot water
  2. Add 20g condensed milk
  3. Stir well and serve hot
  4. Marshmallow may be added (optional)

Preparation (Cold):

  1. Mix 10g of cocoa powder into 90ml hot water
  2. Add 23g condensed milk
  3. Add 110g ice cubes
  4. Stir well and serve
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