About Us

TG Mall is an online shopping site owned by Syarikat Thong Guan Trading Sdn Bhd, one of Malaysia’s major tea and coffee manufacturer. It is an online shopping website tailored for Malaysian region, both Peninsular and East Malaysia to enjoy the privilege of premium tea, coffee, and organics goodness. We provide buyers with a smooth, secure, and fast online shopping experience with convenient payment method and logistical support.

Our products focused on our specialty with experience for over 75 years in tea and coffee manufacturing. A wide selection of Chinese tea, black tea, flower tea, green tea, black coffee, white coffee, and other nutritional beverages can now be purchased directly from us via this website. In 2013, we added a new range of organic products which featured seed and grains, stick noodles, and baby noodles to improve your life in every possible way.

The descriptions provided for the display of each product explained the details such as benefits, price, and also preparation steps. Buyer can ask for additional information from customer service by using our LIVE chat option. The website offers a hassle-free payment method such as online banking and credit card transfer to make your online shopping experience as the most pleasurable one. We are keen to deliver the best quality service to meet your expectation as per stated in our mission.

1) Who We Are:

Syarikat Thong Guan Trading Sdn. Bhd. (STGT) was established in 1942 by the late Mr. Ang Thong Guan as a small family-oriented tea merchant specialized in superior quality Ceylon and Chinese tea. To this day, we are currently standing as one of Malaysia’s most notable black tea, Chinese tea, and coffee manufacturer. Our products were marketed under the leading brand of “888”. STGT also is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Thong Guan Industries Berhad, a company listed on the main board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange since 1997.

While the manufacturing plant for tea and coffee is located in Sungai Petani, Kedah, our products are widely distributed across Malaysia and also exported to other countries such as Thailand, Brunei, China, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. As a part of our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service, STGT also supplied tea and coffee to TG Uniang (Shanghai) International Trade Ltd by the brand name “Uniang,” which gained tremendous demand in China’s market.

To keep track with the current market demand, we expand our product varieties by adding a series of instant beverages such as 3 in 1 Durian King White Coffee and also 8 in 1 instant cereal oat drink with two different choices of flavors. We stepped into the health consumer market and began to process organic products which earned the Organic Quality Management System certification awarded by Organic Food Chain PTY. LTD Australia in 2011.

To ensure all of our products are safe for consumption, STGT maintained a stringent quality control in every step of manufacturing process to meet local and international standards. Most importantly, all of our products are Halal certified by JAKIM Malaysia and accredited as HACCP and GMP by the Ministry of Health. We successfully met the requirement of ISO9001:2008 and won Golden Bull Award in 2012. We also distribute Pure Wrap and Nice Wrap, a PVC Food Wrap product owned by our sister company, TG Power Wrap Sdn. Bhd.

2) Brand Story:

Let us take you back to 1942. It all started during the height of Second World War when the late Mr. Ang Thong Guan cycled his way out to Sg Lalang, selling tea under the brand name 888. As a family-oriented tea merchant specializes in black and Chinese tea, the business began distributing beverages and consumer products to grocery, coffee shops, and outlets.

In 1945, his sons Dato’ Ang Toon Cheng and Dato’ Ang Toon Piah joined him on a journey leading to the eventual rise of the timeless 888 brand. Together, they expanded the tea business to the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia.

After venturing into coffee, plastic strings and drinking straws business in 1960, the company widens its scope throughout Peninsular Malaysia. Finding a vast opportunity in the plastic industry, the company was restructured into Syarikat Thong Guan Trading Sdn. Bhd (STGT). STGT entered Sabah and Sarawak’s market in 1975 as a joint venture with local companies.

Today, STGT stands as a wholly owned subsidiary company of Thong Guan Industries Berhad, a company listed on the main board of Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE). STGT products received Halal certification by JAKIM Malaysia and granted the HACCP certification as well as GMP certification by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Conveniently, STGT’s products are not limited to just tea and coffee but also available in ready-to-go products to suit lifestyle changes, including 3 in 1 beverage and cereal drink series.

STGT set up organic facilities in 2011 and was granted the Organic Food Chain (OFC) certification through Organic Food Chain PTY. In that same year, it received the SME Achievers Award. The organic products later were known as Organic Care 2 U (OC2U) brand in 2013. Since then, STGT has been widely recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of tea, coffee, and other related products in Malaysia.