NATIVELAND Instant White Coffee - Durian (35g x 10s)
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Brand Nativeland
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Our forefathers left their homeland and travelled to Nanyang (South East Asia) to earn a better living. When they toiled, a cup of traditional Nanyang coffee or generally called “Kopi O” was the most satisfying yet affordable drink for them to enjoy a short break at the Kopitiam (local coffee shop).

Now, NativeLand came out with varieties of coffee including our own Signature Langkawi White Coffee. Uniquely, it is so much more just a cup of creamy and frothy white coffee. Try it our yourself and choose from the selections of:
•    Himalaya Salt Caramel White Coffee
•    Durian White Coffee
•    Coconut White Coffee

How to make a perfect cup of NativeLand Signature Langkawi White Coffee:
1.    Pour 1 stick pack into a cup
2.    Add in 200ml hot water
3.    Stir until dissolve before enjoying!

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