Privacy Policy

TG Mall Personal Data and Privacy Policy

 Thank you for visiting our site at TG Mall takes a serious precaution step in protecting your data and compliance with applicable laws. We value our customer’s privacy and appreciate your assurance that we will sensibly respect your privacy. We are committed to properly manage, protect, and process your personal data accordingly with this policy. Common examples of personal data including name, identification number, and contact information.


Collection and Use Personal Data

By visiting the site and/or using the products and services made available to you on this website, you are agreeing to this Privacy Policy. Please read this policy carefully. We collect information required for the registration procedure at our site. The data collected are voluntarily submitted by the customer to us. Your personal details are required to process your order, customize your profile information, update your status of online shopping and also for us to update you with any latest news, promotion, and events. Your personal information, such as credit card details, bank account numbers will be kept private and confidential with us. We will not share any of your personal contents without giving prior notice to our customer.  We will apply appropriate security measure to keep customer’s details safe from third parties, unauthorized disclosure, and hackers. However, kindly bear in mind that information transmitted through the internet is not 100% guaranteed safe and secure.


We may email periodic reminders of our notice and terms of business unless you have instructed us not to. Nevertheless, you should check our site frequently to see any recent changes. Unless stated otherwise, our current Privacy Policy applies to all information we acquired regarding you and your account.


How do we collect your personal details?

We collect Personal Details from you when:

a.    You register an account on the site.

b.    You use any of our related services, such as product notifications.

c.    You browse our products and services or otherwise interact with our site.

d.    You interact with our customer experience team or other representatives. For example, via our web form, emails, telephone calls, letters, or face-to-face meetings.

e.    You interact with us on our social media platform such as liking or commenting on our posts as well as sending a message to us.

f.    You participate in our promotions, lucky draws, initiatives, or any request for additional personal details such as customer surveys.

g.    Your authorized representative submits your Personal Data to us for any purpose reasonably authorized by you. For example, if such representative is purchasing our product or service to be delivered to you or as a gift.

h.    When you voluntarily submit your personal details to us for any reason.


Personal Data that TG Mall may collect

During our relationship with you, we may collect personal data when the user visit, register, place an order, contacts TG Mall or participates in any TG Mall promotions which may include:-

a.    Name and gender

b.    Race and religion

c.    Postal address and contact number

d.    Email address.

e.    Contact preference; and Credit card or bank account information

f.    Other personal data relevant to registration and/or provisioning of your account, promotions, and/or other purposes.

g.    Marketing and communication data (for customer service reference).


How will your data be used?

We may use and disclose your personal details for purposes necessary to deliver our products and services, including to:-

a.    Register and maintain your user account and to verify your identity or age.

b.    Process your order for our products or services, process or collect your payment for the order.

c.    Deliver or perform the products or services you purchased, including our couriers calling or messaging you to obtain your delivery instructions.

d.    Process your return or refund as per our Terms & Conditions.

e.    Provide supporting service and function related to your user account, such as saved items in cart, wish list, brand, or product notifications.

f.    Communicate with you in regarding your query, request, feedback, material changes to our website, Policy or other Terms and Conditions, and matters relating to the running of your account.

g.    Personalize and improve your customer experience when you visit the site, for example, by refining your search results or feed.

h.    Monitor and enforce compliance with our Terms and Conditions, including dispute resolution

i.    Comply with internal risk controls, the terms of access to the payment process, financial or banking services such as credit card disputes, fraud, billing error, or any applicable law.

j.    Ensure our site to be functional and improving the performance by carrying out activities such as debugging and statistical analyses for optimization.

k.    To communicate regarding the sales, products, services, or promotions of business partners, including promotional mail together with your order.

l.    Deliver attractive ads of our products and services on our or different sites, apps or online platforms.

m.    Enable businesses to deliver ads related to their products and services which may be attractive to you.

n.    Process your participation in our promotions, lucky draws, initiatives, or any request for additional personal details such as customer survey.

o.    Process your involvement in our business partner’s loyalty or point redemption programs.

p.    Conduct market and customer research, analysis, or tracking purposes.

q.    Promote our products and services on our site.

r.    Manage the administrative and business operations of TG Mall and complying with internal policies and procedures.

s.    Improve your customer experience across all touchpoints and to upskill our customer experience teams, by recording and monitoring phone calls.

t.    Any specific purpose concerning a particular product or service, which we may separately notify you on the product or service page.


We may also use your personal details for other purpose associated, and we have maintained related consent or in circumstances where such application does not require approval under Applicable Laws.


Changes to your Personal Information

You can make changes by logging in to your TG Mall account and click on the “Profile Page” in “My Account.”




Note: If you withdraw your consent to use and process your personal details, we may no longer be able to provide you with the products, services, or benefits associated with our promotion.

 We trust that you will agree to the processing of your details. By providing your details to us, you at this moment declared that you have read, understood, and accepted the terms herein. We would love to express our sincere gratitude for visiting this site and putting your trust in TG Mall.