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TG Tea Oceanic Lucidity - Butterfly Pea (3g x 25s)
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Brand TG Tea
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What Makes TG Tea Different:

  • A unique fusion of energizing tea with heavenly selected flowers buds.
  • Tea provide flavors as well as packed goodness to compliments the benefit in flowers.
  • Specially crafted to infuse the maximum benefits of fusion tea into your life.
  • Can be enjoyed hot and also by cold brew.
  • A trendy drink and suitable for any occasion.

About TG Tea Oceanic Lucidity Butterfly Pea: 

  • Made from a combination of Butterfly Pea, also known as Bungah Telang and tea.
  • Natural gorgeous blue color-colored tea rich in antioxidants.
  • Excellent in combating wrinkles and permature aging.
  • Good for heart, weight management, cancer preventation, as well as nail & hair health.
  • Squeeze in some lemon juice to see the bluish tea turns into a dreamy purple.
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